Grace Association of Private Schools was established in 1990 as an organization to coordinate and establish academic standards and to offer an option, as stated in the SC Code of Laws, (59-65-10), to those who desire to educate youth of today, unencumbered by unnecessary restrictions, requirements, and expenses.

We believe schools are better operated by business-minded people with goals to educate the youth of America to excel in their post secondary education endeavors.

Grace private schools are nonpublic funded institutions that are organized and operated by individuals or groups outside the public school system, under sponsorship of Grace Association of Private Schools. Grace schools are largely free of state laws and regulations and local mandates, providing instead clear accountability to the sponsor for achieving specific goals established in the application.

Grace schools are intended to:

  • Improve student learning.
  • Increase learning opportunities for students.
  • Encourage the use of a variety of productive teaching methods.
  • Foster innovative educational programs.
  • Adequately prepare students for collage and/or vocational opportunities

First year certification application must include:

  • Mission statement of the school consistent with the intent of the goals, objectives, and pupil achievement standards to be achieved by the school.
  • Admission policies and procedures, discrimination policy, grades available, and maximum enrollment capacity.
  • Educational program, pupil achievement standards, and curriculum.
  • Plan for evaluating pupil achievement and progress toward accomplishment of the school's achievement standards in addition to standardized testing, and the procedures for taking corrective action in the event that the pupil achievement falls below the standard.
  • Building facilities and equipment plan.
  • Student rights and responsibilities, including behavior and discipline standards.
  • Types and amounts of insurance coverage to be obtained.
  • An assumption of liability by the school for the activities of the school and an agreement that the school will indemnify and hold harmless the association, its servants, agents, and employees, from any and all liability, damage, expense, causes of action, suits, claims, or judgments arising from injury to persons or property or otherwise which arises out of the act, failure to act or negligence of the school, its agents and employees, in connection with or arising out of the activity of the school.
  • Staff credentials.
  • Resources available (computers, reference material, magazines, newspapers, other books.)
  • Annual calendar with times of operation.
  • Welcome calls by our accreditation staff as deemed necessary.
  • Sign in agreement the Grace School Association Statement of Faith.

All memberships expire on May 31.
To become an accredited school with Grace Association of Private Schools, fill out the application, submit a proposal (first year schools), and the appropriate fees.
Refund will be made if certification is denied.